Asymmetric platformer ‘VR Giants’ is coming soon to Steam

Asymmetric platformer 'VR Giants' is coming soon to Steam

Picture: Risa Interactive

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VR Giants is about to be released in Early Access. The VR game comes from Austria and offers a unique asymmetric gameplay.

VR Giants requires a PC and two players. One person puts on the PC VR headset and takes on the role of the giant Goliath, while the other person plays on the PC monitor, using a mouse and keyboard to control a small character named David through the game world. The goal is to work together and guide David safely through a series of obstacles to rescue his lost sheeps. The game can be played locally on a single PC or online using Steam’s Remote Play feature.

As a giant, you must lift David over chasms, build bridges or protect him from danger. Together, you’ll traverse a desert, an iceberg, a lava cave, and pastures.

Goliath is by no means omnipotent: tethered to points in the landscape by a chain, you have a limited radius of action. Fortunately, David’s diminutive size and freedom of movement allows him to reach hidden switches in the landscape, allowing Goliath to move to the next spot. Some anchor points give the giant superpowers that help you overcome obstacles and environmental puzzles.

VR Giants: Check out the free demo

“The game is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, allowing for fun experiences with friends, family, or significant others,” says Wolfgang Tschauko, founder and lead developer at Risa Interactive.

The game has been in development for over six years. We June 14it will be released in Early Access on Steam, where you can already add it to your wishlist. The Early Access version will include the following content:

  • 19 levels
  • 3 different types of giants (Solid, Temporary, Lava)
  • 4 biomes with different game mechanics (ice, desert, volcano, pastures)
  • about 6 hours of gameplay
  • cosmetic items for David and Goliath

If you’re not convinced, you can try out the free demo on the same Steam page. The game itself will cost $17.99 when it is released.

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