Beat Saber reclaims the throne in the PSVR 2 charts

Beat Saber reclaims the throne in the PSVR 2 charts

Image: Sony

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Sony has revealed the top downloads for last month. Which PSVR 2 games were top sellers in January 2024?


The Playstation Store top downloads are released once a month and give an idea of the sales success of the listed VR games compared to others. Many VR titles are only available as digital downloads.

Below are the top downloads for January 2024, broken down by North America and EU regions:

Table with rankings of the PSVR 2 top downloads in the USA/Canada and Europe.

The PSVR 2 top downloads of January 2024 | Screenshot: MIXED


No big surprises this month

January saw only a handful of new titles for Playstation VR 2, but two made it into the top downloads: Ultrawings 2 and Vertigo 2 (US/Canada only). The much-anticipated Bulletstorm VR port was not well received by critics, and the title failed to make the charts.

Beat Saber took the top spot in both regions. This was previously only the case in May and June 2023 after its initial release. Also well represented are two December titles that dominated over Christmas: Among Us VR and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2.

The rest of the top downloads are filled by perennial favorites such as tactical shooter Pavlov (likely to be the most successful PSVR 2 game of 2023) and Job Simulator, Sony’s exclusive title Horizon: Call of the Mountain, action adventure Moss: Book II and the zombie epic Arizona Sunshine 2.

The current month doesn’t have any big budget titles in store, but worthwhile indie productions such as Border Bots VR, Dead Hook and Legendary Tales.

If you’re looking for good PSVR 2 titles, refer to our list of the best PSVR 2 games.

Sources: Playstation Blog

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