Build the house of your dreams in VR

Builder Simulator VR: Build the house of your dreams in VR

Picture: Playway

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In Builder Simulator VR, the dream of owning a home can be realized in VR – from design to manual construction, brick by brick.

Builder Simulator, from developer EpicVR, aims to combine all aspects of building a house into one VR game. Players create designs on the drawing board, buy materials, and finally lay the bricks themselves to build their own dream home.

The simulation is based on Live Motion Games’ critically acclaimed Builder Simulator. However, using a VR headset, players are supposed to feel like they are actually on the construction site, making the realization of their project much more tangible than it would be in front of a monitor. EpicVR is currently adapting the controls and various construction mechanics to virtual reality.

Building houses with SteamVR

After a tutorial, players gather experience to face more difficult challenges later on. Since the first step on the drawing board is relatively free, even extraordinary constructions should be possible.

Then it’s off to the construction site. “You will have to lay foundations, build walls, install doors and windows, and much more. And that will be very demanding,” says the manufacturer. After the facade and the floor are finished, there will be work such as painting the walls and decorating the interior.

For more feedback, reviews, or inspiration from other building fans, an online exchange is planned where personal projects can be shared.

Even VR gamers with an old PC should be able to get a taste of the simulation. The system requirements are moderate: At least an Intel Core i3-10100F and a Geforce GTX 1660S are required.

Publisher Playway is planning for a summer release. The Steam Store lists the third quarter of 2023 as the release date.

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