Crysis now runs in VR, but will challenge your PC

Crysis now runs in VR, but will challenge your PC

Image: Crytek (Screenshot Crysis Remastered)

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Thanks to a mod, you can now experience Crysis in virtual reality. Of course, a high-end PC is required.

The classic FPS from Crytek released in 2007 and impressed with its graphics. And its immensely high system requirements. In fact, the game was so demanding that it achieved same status.

Nowadays, Crysis should run smoothly on most gaming PCs, at least in its classic 2D mode. The VR version might be a different story.

The lead developer of Half-Life 2 VR Holger “Cabalistic” Frydrych has taken on the PC classic, releasing a mod last week that lets you play through the whole game in VR.

The alpha version of the mod supports stereoscopic rendering with 6DOF headset tracking. What’s missing is support for motion controllers and roomscale VR. So you’ll have to play seated with a keyboard and mouse or gamepad.

Put your hardware to the test with Crysis VR

In-game cutscenes are rendered in VR by default. If this makes you motion sick, you can use a console command to switch to a cinematic 2D mode.

The VR mod still has its problems at this early stage: some of the later weapons may not work properly and performance could be an issue “even on potent hardware”.

“You can reduce the resolution or the ingame quality settings if you struggle with GPU performance. Note, however, that some scenes will tax even the strongest CPUs available right now,” Cabalistic states.

The developer plans to sort out various bugs and issues for future releases and improve playability with mouse and keyboard. He is also considering an OpenXR port and implementing motion controller and roomscale support.

You can find the VR mod and installation instructions, on Github. To play Crysis in VR, you need the original game and not the Remastered version. You can purchase this version on GOG gold Steam.

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