Eleven minutes a day is enough for an AI breakthrough, Microsoft says


Microsoft claims in a new study that saving just eleven minutes a day by using AI is enough for most people to find the technology useful.

For the study, Microsoft asked 1,300 Copilot users from various functions and industries about the impact of AI on their productivity, job satisfaction, and other factors. After eleven weeks of use, most users noticed significant improvements in key areas of their work, the company reports.

On average, respondents saved 14 minutes per day, or nearly five hours per month, according to Microsoft. The most efficient users saved 30 minutes a day, or 10 hours a month. But just 11 minutes was enough for most people to see value in Copilot – the key to cementing a new habit, Microsoft claims.

The company calls this finding the “11-by-11 tipping point”: 11 minutes of time saved per day over a period of 11 weeks is the “magic formula” to unlock the value of Copilot. This means that most Copilot users in an organization can develop an AI habit within a business quarter, according to the tech giant.



Microsoft recommends starting by identifying simple use cases that immediately save eleven minutes a day. Managers should set an example by having Copilot summarize long documents or sprawling email chains, for example. There are also time-saving use cases for specific roles, such as for recruiters who can use AI to create job descriptions, the company suggests.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently claimed that summaries are “a big deal” for generative AI and the most popular use case.

Microsoft Teams gets new AI features

Microsoft is also announcing enhancements to Copilot in Microsoft Teams to make collaboration easier and improve hybrid meetings.

Starting in May, Copilot will provide information and insights from the meeting chat in meetings alongside the meeting transcript, providing a more complete view of the meeting content, the company said.

In April, Microsoft will introduce a feature that will allow users in Teams chats to ask Copilot to customize their message and deliver a customized, paraphrased version. Soon, it will also be possible to create a new message in a Teams chat with just a few words.


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