Elon Musk to spend well over $1 billion on Tesla AI supercomputer

Tesla is building a space in Austin, Texas, to house its Dojo supercomputer, which will run the AI software for its self-driving vehicles, The Information reports. CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the Dojo could eventually offer a cloud service similar to Amazon Web Services.

The project reflects Musk’s intention to take greater control of the technology, which is essential to Tesla’s AI-powered products and also Musk’s overall AI plans. Musk wants to invest well over $1 billion in the supercomputer by the end of 2024. The Dojo supercomputer, based on an in-house chip designed by Tesla, could reduce the company’s reliance on Nvidia. Analysts predict that the Dojo project could add as much as $500 billion to Tesla’s enterprise value, and could even be used in other Musk companies such as X and SpaceX.

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