Gorilla Tag surpasses 100K ratings on Quest Store

Gorilla Tag surpasses 100K ratings on Quest Store

Image: Another Axiom

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In addition, Gorilla Tag has more than twice as many ratings as Beat Saber.


Gorilla Tag seems unstoppable: The VR game reached 100,000 ratings in February 2024 and is the first app on the Quest Store to do so.

Gorilla Tag currently has 102,500 ratings, more than twice as many as Beat Saber, the most successful VR game of all time.

Unlike Beat Saber, Gorilla Tag is free to play. The studio makes money from microtransactions.

In early 2023, studio Another Axiom announced that it had earned $26 million from microtransactions alone. The VR game is still sold on Steam for $20.


An iconic game among the youngest VR audience

As different as these games are, they have one thing in common: Gorilla Tag and Beat Saber only make sense in virtual reality. While in Beat Saber you use your arms to slash flying blocks to the rhythm of the music, in Gorilla Tag you move your arms and play tag with other players.

The locomotion is as unique as it is unusual: instead of using teleportation, button presses or analog sticks, you use your arms to bounce off surfaces, climb trees and swing through the virtual jungle.

Gorilla Tag was released on Steam and the sideloading platform Sidequest in early 2021, followed by a launch on App Lab shortly thereafter. The game did not make the leap to the Quest Store until late 2022, after having already amassed five million VR players.

There are dozens of Gorilla Tag clones in the App Lab that have more ratings than many larger titles in the Quest Store, and Sidequest stopped accepting clones in 2022.

Gorilla Tag is mainly played by a younger audience who use the game for social reasons.

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