Meta Quest developers can now discount subscriptions

Meta Quest developers can now discount subscriptions

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Meta gives developers new tools to attract and retain subscribers.


The new tools consist of four elements:

  • Short Links: Developers can use these to promote their subscription on non-Meta platforms. Anyone who clicks on a short link will be redirected to the product page. The links have tracking capabilities.
  • Introductory Pricing: Subscriptions can now have temporary discounts or introductory pricing to attract new customers.
  • Subscription Promo Codes: These codes allow users to receive discounts on subscriptions. The percentage and duration of the discount can be customized by the developers.
  • Churn Deflection: Meta will try to retain subscribers who are at risk of churning by making them an offer. This feature is currently in beta.

Meta is also introducing new metrics to analyze customer behavior. These include the churn rate (percentage of subscriptions that have expired in the last 28 days) and the retention rate (percentage of subscriptions that have remained active in the last 28 days). Developers can also see the reasons why customers have canceled their subscriptions if they have selected a reason.


Meta introduced subscription services for the Meta Quest platform in April 2021. They allow developers another monetization option in addition to one-time app purchases and in-app purchases (microtransactions).

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Sources: Quest Developer Blog

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