Microsoft offers “Private ChatGPT” as a free Azure app


Those who want to use ChatGPT without an OpenAI connection, but feel comfortable with Microsoft, might be happy with Azure ChatGPT.

Provided, of course, that access to the Azure cloud and data processing on Microsoft servers is allowed. Both are necessary to run Azure ChatGPT, which Microsoft describes as a “private and secure ChatGPT for internal enterprise use.” It offers the familiar ChatGPT interface, but through a dedicated Azure account, without connecting to OpenAI.

In the description text, Microsoft is surprisingly open about the shortcomings of its collaboration partner: Companies around the world would use ChatGPT to increase their productivity and creativity. But in doing so, they risk exposing intellectual property. They could try to block access, but employees would always find a workaround, Microsoft writes.

With OpenAI preparing its own enterprise solution, the two companies seem to be at odds again, even though they also work closely together on many fronts.


Microsoft pushes Azure ChatGPT as Enterprise ChatGPT

Azure ChatGPT is the “private” alternative for enterprises, according to Microsoft. It’s the same service as Web ChatGPT but hosted locally with access to the Azure cloud. Microsoft lists three key benefits.

1. Private: Built-in guarantees around the privacy of your data and fully isolated from those operated by OpenAI.

2. Controlled: Network traffic can be fully isolated to your network and other enterprise grade security controls are built in.

3. Value: Deliver added business value with your own internal data sources (plug and play) or use plug-ins to integrate with your internal services (e.g., ServiceNow, etc).


Other Azure services include chatting with documents, embedding content, and AI-powered search with Azure Cognitive Search.

Microsoft is releasing AzureChatGPT on GitHub under an MIT license that permits commercial use, modification, redistribution, and private use. The application requires a Microsoft Azure account, an OpenAI API key, and access to Microsoft’s OpenAI services with current GPT models.

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