Mini VR headset, PSVR 2 happy ending, and a pivot that ain’t one

Mini VR headset, PSVR 2 happy ending, and a pivot that ain't one

Image: TESTED, Norman Chan/MIXED

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Our weekly recap: Bigscreen launches its own VR headset with Beyond, Meta makes a supposed about-face regarding Metaverse, and Tomislav is happy with his Playstation VR 2 after all.

All’s well that ends well, PSVR 2

Our VR gaming enthusiast eagerly awaited the launch of the Playstation VR 2 – and was initially disappointed: lack of comfort.

“The device felt bulky, heavy, and impractical. It pressed against my head, my nose, my neck. It gave me headaches. The first Playstation VR sat well on my head and face. How in the world did Sony manage to take a step backwards in comfort?”

One month later, Tomislav loves the Playstation VR 2. What has changed?

First review of the Bigscreen Beyond VR headset

Norman Chan from Tested got to test Bigscreen’s Beyond mini VR headset for a month. The VR headset is tiny, very light and yet has a high resolution of 2,560 x 2,560 pixels per eye. Exactly what everyone wants – right?

Norman Chan of Adam Savage's Tested holds the Bigscreen Beyond headset in front of his face.

Norman Chan from Adam Savage’s Tested holds the Bigscreen Beyond headset in front of his face. | Picture: Tested

ChatGPT killed the Metaverse star

Thanks to ChatGPT, nobody talks about the Metaverse anymore. Even Meta doesn’t use the term as inflationary as it once did, and Meta CEO Zuckerberg recently preferred to talk about Meta’s competent AI engineering. The stock price likes it, but Metaverse fans are disappointed: Is Zuckerberg turning his back on the Metaverse? (Spoiler: no.)

Sony kills VR dreams

That said, there will be a little less Metaverse potential at Sony starting in September: That is when the Playstation company will discontinue its Dreams creative app, which lets players create digital worlds large and small. This also means that the app won’t be compatible with the Playstation VR 2, which is a shame.


Bye bye, Dreams VR. | Picture: Sony

Elon Musk founds AI company

It’s sort of official now: Elon Musk is launching a competitor to OpenAI called “X.AI.” The name suggests that it is part of Musk’s “X” vision, the all-encompassing application for all areas of work and life. The Tesla founder is said to have purchased numerous graphics cards for AI training. After his departure from OpenAI around 2018, Musk became increasingly critical of the creators of ChatGPT.

More AI news on THE DECODER: OpenAssistant is a promising open-source alternative to ChatGPT that you can also run commercially and locally. And similar to text and images, generative AI for 3D objects is facing a copyright dispute.

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