OpenAI struggles to keep virtual romance in check

OpenAI’s GPT store, which offers customized versions of ChatGPT, is already facing problems with users breaking the rules by creating “girlfriend” AI chatbots. These bots, such as “Korean Girlfriend,” “Virtual Sweetheart,” and “Your AI Girlfriend, Tsu✨,” violate OpenAI’s usage policy, which prohibits GPTs “dedicated to fostering romantic companionship or performing regulated activities.” OpenAI uses a combination of automated systems, human review, and user reports to find and evaluate GPTs that may violate its policies. Virtual companions aren’t new, see, and not a bad thing per se. But as Quartz points out, it only took two days for users to break these rules. I wonder what this means for OpenAI’s promise to block GPTs from being used for election propaganda.

Image: GPT Store Screenshot THE DECODER

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