Sony unveils plans for a VR attraction featuring Demon Slayer

Sony unveils plans for a VR attraction featuring Demon Slayer

Image: SEGA

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Sony wants to build a VR attraction and turn many popular Japanese brands into immersive experiences. It starts with the popular manga “Demon Slayer”.

The Sony Group has announced that it will open a new VR attraction in the heart of Tokyo in the fall of 2024, where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of popular entertainment brands such as Demon Slayer. Using cutting-edge VR and immersive sound technologies, visitors will be able to experience Sony’s animation, music, and gaming content up close.

A multisensory experience will combine Virtual Reality and 3D sound. The experience will be complemented by physical effects such as floor vibrations and air currents that are coordinated with the visual content.

Multisensory experience in a central location

The VR attraction is located just a five-minute walk from Tokyo’s main station in the Kyobashi district and covers an area of approximately 1,200 square meters. To appeal to tourists and overseas fans of Japanese content, Sony plans to leverage its internationally renowned brands. Conversions of popular Playstation VR 2 games such as Gran Turismo 7 or Horizon Call of the Mountain are also conceivable.

With Demon Slayer, Sony has chosen a manga series that is extremely popular, with well over 60 million copies sold. In 2019, it was adapted as the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, followed by two feature films, the first of which became the world’s highest-grossing film in 2020. There are also video game adaptations such as “Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles” published by SEGA.

In the future, content from leading Japanese companies will also be integrated, as well as collaborations with TV stations and publishers. Sony’s technology is expected to provide an experience comparable to theme parks such as Nintendo’s Super Mario World in Osaka.

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