Stability AI’s Stable 3D promises faster, easier 3D content creation


Stability AI has announced a private preview of Stable 3D, an automated process designed to simplify 3D content creation for graphic designers, digital artists and game developers.

Stable 3D generates concept-quality textured 3D objects, transforming a traditionally complex and time-consuming task into a process that can produce draft-quality 3D models in minutes, according to Stability AI.

Users can create “moderately complex” 3D objects by selecting an image or illustration or writing a text prompt. The resulting objects are delivered in the standard .obj file format, suitable for further editing in 3D tools such as Blender and Maya, or importing into game engines such as Unreal Engine 5 or Unity.

Stable 3D can generate “moderately complex” 3D objects. | Image: Stability AI

The tool is aimed at independent designers, artists, and developers, enabling them to create thousands of 3D objects per day at low cost. Access to the private preview of Stable 3D can be requested here.



Another text-to-3D contender is Luma AI’s recently released Genie, a Discord bot that can generate 3D content from text prompts. Users can receive four initial simple 3D models within about 20 seconds of entering a text command.

The models can be viewed or downloaded as 3D objects in .glb format and further refined for improved resolution and accuracy. Genie is currently available as a free research preview, but will be introduced as a paid service in the future.

New AI image editing tools for Clipdrop

Sky Replacer is another new tool by Stability AI. It enables users to alter the sky in their photos with nine different options, improving the image’s overall aesthetic. It’s supposedly particularly useful for real estate professionals who can showcase their listings in optimal conditions regardless of the weather, potentially attracting more buyers. The tool is part of Stability AI’s AI image editing suite.

In addition, Stability has previewed its Stable FineTuning feature, which allows businesses and developers to quickly fine-tune images, objects, and styles. The tool allows users to transform their images into digital art, including landscapes, avatars, and other creative designs. This could be particularly beneficial to professionals in the entertainment, gaming, advertising, and marketing industries, according to Stability AI.

Furthermore, Stability has integrated content credentials and invisible watermarking for images generated by its API to increase the transparency of AI-generated content. To sign up for the private preview, you can contact Stability here.


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