Subscription service for enterprises launches

Meta Quest for Business: Subscription service for enterprises launches

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With Meta Quest for Business, Meta now offers a customized subscription service for XR business customers.

At this year’s Meta Connect, Mark Zuckerberg and his team introduced new products such as Meta Quest 3 and Ray Ban | Meta Smart Glasses as well as numerous Quest VR games and mixed reality applications.

In addition to hardware and software for home use, Meta also introduced a new service for business customers: Meta Quest for Business. The former Facebook company wants to make it easier for businesses to use Quest headsets and is putting together a package that is specifically tailored to the needs of companies.

What is Meta Quest for Business?

Meta Quest for Business is a subscription service that offers special enterprise-level features and customer support. For example, the service enables management of VR headsets at the user, application, and device level.

The main goals are to ensure corporate security and improve productivity within departments and teams. For example, an admin center can be used to assign usage rights for different Meta Quest headsets.

A distinction is made between individuals and teams. In shared mode, multiple people can access a device with one PIN. There is no need to log in with a Meta account. Administrators determine which applications are available.

Enterprise-level support

As you would expect from a business solution, Meta offers a high level of customer service. It is divided into two levels: Standard and Plus. Both levels offer a comprehensive self-service help area and round-the-clock access to support staff via support tickets.

In the Standard package, availability is limited to business days. Plus customers can also access the service on weekends and are provided with additional channels such as live chat. The response time to tickets is reduced from 24 to 4 hours in the Plus package.

Meta Quest for Business is available now. For pricing and package availability, the sales department must be contacted (see link in the source).

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