Wordomi is an addictive mixed reality word game inspired by Wordle

Wordomi is an addictive mixed reality word game inspired by Wordle

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Wordomi is a combination of Wordle and crossword puzzles. I tried the mixed reality game on my Meta Quest 3.

I’m not a big fan of word games, but I can see myself playing Wordomi from time to time. When I tried it earlier on my Quest, I had to force myself to stop playing.

The game’s UI is heavily inspired by the Meta Quest classic Cubism, only here you move letters instead of 3D puzzle pieces. Wordomi can be played with either hands or controllers, but is optimized for the former.

The hand tracking works great most of the time. Similar to Cubism, all UI elements can be grabbed with a pinch gesture and placed anywhere in the room, so Wordomi can be played comfortably while sitting or lying down.

How Wordomi works

Wordomi has elements of both Wordle and crossword puzzles, but it is not the same as them and follows its own set of rules.

The game starts out easy: you have to guess a three-letter word, and you can choose three letters to grab with your fingers and place in the correct position.

As you progress through the levels, the words get longer and the number of possible combinations increases. The task is made more difficult by the fact that you may have more letters than you need, so you have to figure out which letters are part of the secret word.

You can have the game check your words three times and tell you which of the chosen letters are part of the secret word, which are not, and which are already in the right place. Meanwhile, a timer is running, putting you under time pressure.

Later, words cross over like a 3D crossword puzzle, so you can see which letters are shared by two or more of the words you are looking for.

A casual mixed reality game that would work well as an Augment

Wordomi offers two other game modes as well as a Zen mode with no time limit and an infinite number of attempts. Passthrough can also be turned off if you want to completely hide your surroundings.

The game was made by the same developer who created the mixed reality sandbox Dungeon Maker. Wordomi was released in the App Lab at the beginning of February and is still under development. During my play session, I encountered a strange bug: there were two word solutions, one of which was not a word at all, the other a name.

The appeal of Wordomi lies in its simplicity. It doesn’t necessarily benefit that much from being played on a headset. However, I could well imagine it as an Augment that you play during breaks – assuming you can stop playing it.

Wordomi is available for $10 in the App Lab.

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